Water coolers on tap water

Especially for companies, schools and catering

A water cooler on water is a great contribution to a healthy lifestyle and contributes to a conscious society. With a water cooler you contribute ecologically and encourage drinking pure tap water in the catering industry, at the office, at school or in waiting areas.

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The right water cooler on tap water for every industry. Including full service, provided by our experienced service technicians. Contact us directly and receive a response within 24 hours.

Why offer filtered water?

Encouraging filtered water drinking is always worthwhile. This ultimately pays for itself in lower costs, less absenteeism, and you reduce the ecological footprint of your company. With a tap water cooler, drinking tap water is chosen faster and you use less plastic. You can then proudly say that you are participating in sustainable business with water coolers from Sprankle.

Healthy and filtered water should always be an option. Show your employees, students or visitors that you make an effort to offer them high-quality, clean water.


A water cooler connected to tap water for the catering industry gives you the opportunity to create your own private label Premium Water. You can offer your guests a refreshing glass of water without having to deal with individual bottles. Say goodbye to plastic and glass bottles and experience the convenience of always being able to offer filtered water quickly. Flat and bubbly.

Always fresh water nearby

Sprankle helps companies and institutions to stimulate drinking pure water and to make it very accessible. Our sustainable and environmentally friendly tap water water coolers provide people with fresh, chilled still and carbonated water. You can buy your own water cooler for a relatively small investment. Are you interested or have questions? Please feel free to contact us.

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A suitable water cooler for every application

The options in tap water chillers are very diverse and specially designed for different applications. Discover which Sprankle water cooler connected to the water mains best suits your situation.

Sprankle waterkoeler voor in winkel of showroom


Don't let people wait dehydrated, but create a hospitable environment by adding a water cooler on tap water. For example, customers can tap fresh water themselves when they need it, or you can immediately offer them a glass of cooled tap water and let them watch or wait. Discover the possibilities for filtered cold water for your shop or practice.

Sprankle waterkoeler voor op kantoor


By drinking enough water, complaints such as headaches, fatigue and a 'not clear' feeling can be prevented. Chilled and filtered drinking water should therefore not be missing in the workplace. Ensure a healthy drinking water culture is created with one of our water coolers especially for the office.

Sprankle waterkoeler voor op school


Who drinks enough water, is sharper, pays better attention and can think better. By offering a tap with filtered tap water at school, you encourage school children and students to drink water regularly. Choose better performance and a healthy option in your school.

Sprankle waterkoeler voor ziekenhuis


It is important for visitors and patients as well as for hospital staff to have fresh and clean drinking water at hand. Sprankle water coolers provide chilled drinking water that is fresh and free of contamination and bacterial contamination. Sparkle water coolers connected to the water pipe meet the strictest hygiene requirements.

Waterkoeler voor in het ziekenhuis

Care center

Fresh and filtered water is the basis for good care. Therefore make sure that there are sufficient water coolers with healthy drinking water in care centers. In this environment, the air can often be warm and dry. For older people it is a hygienic water tap, having within reach is not a superfluous luxury. Encourage them to drink enough water for their health and always provide fresh, cold, filtered water.

Sprankle waterkoeler voor thuis


Do you want to live more environmentally conscious and encourage your children and family members to drink enough water every day? You can then buy a Sprankle water cooler for your home. This saves costs and you never have to spend money on plastic bottles or soft drinks again. The water cooler can be connected to the water mains and, in addition to fresh still water, also offers the options to produce sparkling tap water or even water with a taste. View our water coolers for home here.

Need free and non-binding advice?

The right water cooler on tap water for every industry. Including full service, provided by our experienced service technicians. Contact us directly and receive a response within 24 hours.