About Sprankle

Sprankle supplies and maintains laptops in the Benelux since 1995. Both purchase and rent with a full-service concept.

L'eautomats offer you an inexhaustible source of freshly taped sparkling water in companies, government agencies or foundations. Through years of experience and collaboration with partners, Sprankle has all the necessary know-how to install and manage a responsible and reliable water supply.
Our own service department provides placement, preventive maintenance and service in the Benelux.

Our showroom and office are located in the Leudal Business Center in Roggel. In Dilsen-Stokkem we have a secondary establishment where storage and workshop are situated.

Sprankle helps companies and institutions to stimulate drinking of pure water. This is achieved by placing sustainable and environmentally friendly water coolers, called eautomats, which are directly connected to the water pipeline.
For our customers, we strive for the lowest price-performance ratio.

By offering a full-service concept for the business market, Sprankle takes care of the customer all the care. With our own service, we provide placement, operating instructions, maintenance and service. Also, the supply of carbonic and oxygen to enrich the water is carried out in-house. With this we want to provide the best service for our customers who have such an inexhaustible source of freshly sparkling sparkling water.
Health for the employees and visitors and low costs for our customers.