Applications in various industries

Always perfect water

Sprankle's automatic machines provide you with optimal water supply, which meets the highest standards of reliability and hygiene. You give your employees and guests the opportunity to tap their own personal water. As a basis, the cheap and high quality tap water is used.
By using an active carbon filter for flavor enhancement and a microbacterial filter, the water is in all conditions of impeccable quality.
Cooling and addition of carbon dioxide and / or oxygen make the water a healthy and delicious quality product.

 Cost savings everywhere

For businesses, shops, offices, healthcare facilities, waiting areas or production environments, Sprankle supplies laptops in various versions, so that a solution that is always available to suit your situation is always possible.
You save on coffee and other expensive soft drinks. Or other waters. No towed lake with crates or water containers. No storage space and no logistics tax more of your staff.
For the catering industry Sprankle offers a complete 'Huismerk water' package.
All care out of hands

For both purchase and rental, Sprankle offers a full service concept: placement, water supply connection, preventive maintenance, service including carbon dioxide and oxygen supplies and the necessary accessories, such as cups, carafe, glasses, etc. You have no look at.

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