Sprankle at the office

To drink water…

Water is the most popular drink at work, along with coffee. Next to
coffee is drunk with water to keep the water level in the body and neutralize the taste. But heat in summer and dry air in winter provide extra moisture loss. Often, too little water is consumed, causing fatigue and loss of concentration during the afternoon. This reduces productivity and makes mistakes previously. Through all the thresholds, "forget" is enough water to drink. In order to achieve the required 2 liters of water per day, a good supply of cooled water within reach is necessary. Water 'see' then also means 'drinking water'.

The solution…

The free disposal of freshly sprinkled sparkling water in the vicinity of the workplace removes all the thresholds to drink enough water. By placing eateries connected to the water mains, you have a reliable source that always supplies sufficient chilled water. Taking your own mix with or without carbon dioxide or extra oxygen invites you to drink.
Have fun dropping your personal mix and bring plenty of water to your workplace in your own carafe or bottle. For example, you drink 1 liter before and 1 liter after noon and you feel fitter all day.
Such a provision deserves itself by reducing the amount of coffee or other soft drinks. In addition, employees remain focused and productive.


"In 2013 hebben wij voor onze beide vestigingen een waterkoeler van Sprankle aangeschaft. En met grote tevredenheid kan ik zeggen. Het is intussen een begrip binnen onze organisatie en vele medewerkers starten hun werkdag met de gang naar het waterapparaat. Een kan of glas vullen met heerlijk koel, gefilterd water, keuze uit met óf zonder bubbels, geheel naar eigen wens. Wij zijn zeer tevreden," aldus Albert Cortenback van Innovista accountants. 

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