Frequently Asked Questions

Below are many frequently asked questions. If you can not find the answer you want, ask the question through our contact form.

What can I expect from Sprankle?

Sprankle offers companies, government agencies and foundations a concept for a perfect and trouble-free fresh drinking water supply. A real alternative to water container systems, which are already in companies or bottles of water.
Both logistics, water quality and cost-effective, Sprankle has a better solution.

What to expect:

- A tailored, honest and expert advice for the best added value for your organization
- a perfect installation that meets your requirements
- A correct and customer-friendly attitude of all our employees
- a deal is a deal; timely information
- a coulant attitude towards our (loyal) customers

What is Sprankle's business philosophy?

The Sprankle organization provides its employees and co-operating suppliers with the best possible service to business customers.
Our services provide a healthy, safe and sparkling cool drinking water supply.
We work according to these 10 golden rules:

1. With us, the customer is central
2. Our service is service-oriented, high quality and customer-friendly
3. Our service package is leading and innovative
4. Our responsibility is convenience and security for the customer
5. We are reliable and clear
6. We provide qualified employees who are proud of their business
7. A social work environment in which employees work together
8. We want to continuously improve our work
9. We invest in a better future by growing and making profits
10. We stand for quality and safe, environmentally friendly processes.

I have already rented a container system?

Then ask for our favorable acquisition conditions! We offer you a solution that allows you to quickly switch to Sprankle without any additional costs.

What about legionella?

Legionella bacteria, which can be present in the water within the standards, only develop into standing water at temperatures above 25 degrees. The inflow of the tap water (usually below 15 degrees) and the additional cooling of our water coolers to a temperature of 4 to 8 degrees Celsius inhibit the growth of the legionella bacteria! The water only looks for the first day of daylight when it gets tapped! This is in contrast to the practice in water container systems: the water container is in the (sun) light and the water increases the ambient temperature, and it regularly runs to 25 degrees. Additionally, after each tap, ambient air comes into the storage tank. Our watercoolers offer the best water quality for these reasons.

Is the water also filtered through the satellite?

Water filtration is applied with in and / or external filters. Where necessary or desired to improve the taste, an active carbon filter is used. The devices are also equipped with a microfine bacteria filter. Filters should be periodically replaced, because after a period or number of filtered liters the filtering action stops.